Mayflower School New Rochelle NY Class of 1962 56th Year reunion in 2018.
Name at graduation        Interest 2012

Allen, Anthony                 Not able
Baron, Jerrold                   Not Available
Barr, Ronald                     Yes
Baskerville, Wanda            Yes -
Bavosa, John Joseph         Yes           
Berman, Helene                 No
Bowles, Gayle                    Deceased
Branker, Gloria Lynn          No              
Brickle, Carrietta                yes
Burke, Jeanne Augusta     Yes       
Campbell, Marilyn             No       
Cohen, Martin                   Deceased
Crant, Roberta                 Yes
D'Alessandro, Ruth           Hopes to    
Davidson, Davey              Yes   
Davidson, Joel                  Deceased
Davis, Lucy Allen              No
Dawson, John                  Yes
Eisgrau, Sheila Dee         Yes       
Evans, Victoria                 Maybe
Facey, Frank Kenyon      Yes        
Fega, Kenny                    No -conflicts
Fosina, Anthony               No - prior plans
Friedrichs, Martin N.         Yes  -O=organizer
Goldberg, Ellen                 Yes -O      
Goldstein, Gracejean        No       
Goodlett, Georgetta            No Response    
Green, Linda                       Yes
Hammer, Mitchell                 Deceased
Harris, Judith                        Yes- O        
Hersh, Joanne Lynn             No        
Hirsch, Betty Ruth                Yes
Jefferson, Linda Diane         Yes       
Jones, Jacqueline                Not Found
Kail, Barbara                       No
Kelly, Sharon Marlissa         No        
Kenney, Nancy                    Deceased
Klugman, Neil Barry            Maybe
Kotler, Wendy                    Yes  O        
Kotler, Sherry Lynne          Yes        
Kramer, Cheryl                   Maybe
Lanahan III, Thomas         No       
LeMire, Hubert                  Not Availible     
Lindsay, LaVerne  Louise  No Respone     
Lion, Wendy Frances        Maybe        
Lore, Thomas J                Yes
MacLeay, Richard            Yes    
Mckenzie, Gary                Deceased
Mangels, Janet Edna        Maybe       
Mark, Michael                   Yes O        
Maurelli, Catherine            No    
Mattison, Thomas               Yes
Mecca, Lynn                       Deceased
Miller, Margaret                  Yes
Moross, Barbara               No       
Mosher, Thomas                No
Nelson, Nancy Louise        Yes - O        
Neumann, Daniel              No Response
Nicolai, Gary Edward        No Response       
Perry, Scott                       Yes - O
Pribish, David                   Yes
Pulley, Cheryl Ann             Yes  
Remin, Diane Gail              No
Rikoon, Betty Jeanne         Yes
Rizzo, Linda                       No Response
Robbins, Jeffrey                No     
Robinson, Barry                 Not Found
Robinson, Harold                Not Found
Rodrick, Catherine Rose     Yes          
Rusciano, Peninnah            Yes
Rush, Kathleen Barbara      Not Found       
Samalot, Rosemary             No
Sanders, Kathy Beatrice      Yes
Silverman, Marshall             No Response
Now Marchel Silver                
Sloane, Pete                      Maybe
Solomon, David                 No Response
Spillane, David                  Deceased    
Stemper, Fred                   No
Stoller, Vicki Joyce             Yes
Taylor, Louis Guy               Yes Maybe
Thailer, Harriet                    No        
Thompson, Michael Steven  Yes           
Trytko, Yvonne Frances      No - to far,sorry     
Weigand, Donald                 Yes  
White, Vivian                       Yes - O        
Williams, Susan Ellen           Deceased     
Williams, Alice                      Not Found
Winter, Joyce Christina        Yes       
Yizar, Jacqueline Denise     Maybe            
Young, Victoria                   Yes - O        
Totals - 90                

Indicated interest  (Yes or Maybe) 40
Not able, or no 27
Deceased 9
Not yet found 6
No response 8
as of June 27th 2012
The reunion is planned for New Rochelle in June 29, 30 July 1  2012 with Saturday June 30th
being the main event

Please contact Martin Friedrichs
24 Lester Place New Rochelle NY 10804   914 632 8798
with any interest, or contact information for yourself or other on this list

More details to follow  
2012 meeting minutes
Meeting Minutes Nov 29, 2010       Sept 14, 2010
Meeting Minutes Jan 25, 2011        Apr 11, 2011    July 25, 2011
Sep 19, 2011(with 2nd letter)        Feb 5th, 2012 email
Cost - $25 contribution for Saturday BBQ - pay when you are there
Other events pay for yourself if you are participating
Bring memoribilia, autograph book, your partner, as well as wine or beer if you want
This will all be casual, but do try to let us know you are coming.
Key contacts:
Agenda items and communications - Judy Harris Gaynor
Reunion activity ideas - Nancy Nelson and Vivian White
Classmate contact & interest information -
Martin Friedrichs

Contact for info during weekend Scott Perry 973-224-1833

key internet pages related to this class or reunion
Face book   yahoo   classmates

updates on your

of Mayflower
Time till the reunion
Agenda (3 days - but Saturday June 30th 3:30 BBQ is core event)
- Friday Evening - 7 -10 p.m. Marriot Hotel (in downtown New Rochelle) top floor for drinks & pizza .
- Saturday 11 a.m.- College (Mirage) Diner (next to Mayflower) for brunch
 - 1 p.m. tour of Mayflower School  
 -  2 -3 p.m. informal tours of the new New Rochelle (arranged at the brunch)
- Saturday PM
* - 3:30 BBQ and evening party Friedrichs house (24 Lester Place) MAP
- Sunday   - NYC city event like round manhatten cruise - self orgnanzed by thoes interesed
*main event all should try to attend if only coming to one event
2018 reunion  
July 20-22 2018
Save the date
Details to be posted
same time a NRHS 50th