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Martin Friedrichs
On my very first day of school in Miss McCartans kindergarten – as I first entered the classroom,  I was scared and looked for comfort from my playmate
and neighbor Penninah. But she was out that day, so I started to cry. Mrs. McCarten then dragged me to the bathroom, threw me in, turned off the light,
bolted the door (there was an outside bolt for this reason) and screamed she did not allow crying in her classes. One of the most traumatic moments in
my entire life, as I contemplated 12 more years of this terror. It did get better in first grade.

Thomas Mattison
The free time in my life. I discovered friendship that I would remember for decades to come.

Scott Perry
I remember when Mr. Brooks came to Mayflower with that deep voice you could hear anyplace in the school. The Line for polio vacines in the nurses
office. Christmas Concerts, When we received both new wings, the music/auditorium and also the new gym wing. I remember a lot of friends i found for
life and will see again in a few months, that's the best memory of all.

Vikki Johnson
Good times...walking home for lunch or going home with a friend.
• playing on the playground before going back for the afternoon session
• Maypole Dance
• Halloween Parade
• starting to play the flute with Mr. Chido, Music Teacher
• going to the candy store after school with Ellen & Wendy
• wearing my first pair of heels to the Sixth Grade Graduation
• birthday parties where we all wore beautiful party dresses
• being old enough to ride a bike to school
Not so fond memory...Unfortunately, I'm not athletic at all. Gym class was tough. I hated team sports, baseball, kickball whatever. The teacher would pick
the captains and they would take turns picking their team. Who was dead last...every time? Me. Awful feeling to be the last one standing there waiting to
be picked.

Nancy Nelson
I remember carrying a box of mom-made (from scratch, of course) cupcakes to school to share with my class on my birthday – 2nd or 3rd grade? (i.e.
Miss Skeleton/Mrs. Kahn).  Definitely remember that they were yellow cake with chocolate frosting – and an M&M in the middle.  Yum, wish I had
one now!!
I remember gym class -- square dancing in the playground at recess to a square dance record (do-si-do anyone?).  5th grade(?)
But, one time, we ended up doing the twist instead of square dancing!  Must have been ’62.  Chubby Checker’s version of The Twist hit the charts in
Sept. 1960, and made a return in 1962.  Since Mayflower wasn’t exactly cutting edge, I’m guessing this memory was from 6th grade/’62. http://en.

Mike Mark
Snow Ball fights with/against the kids from Holy Family
Valentine's Day celebrations in the classroom
Mr. Spacht and Miss Brady
Student Council and being a monitor while kids filed up the stairs  and amongst the many responsibilities was making sure that kids did not skip a stair.  
If I recall correctly, I was on the first floor landing.  The cool part was wearing the white "uniform";...the belt that went over the shoulder and around the

Judy Harris Gaynor
Being a tom boy, I loved recess; loved playing on the monkey bars, swings, etc.  I thought the playground at Mayflower was the best. I hated the fire
drills.  We had to walk down those scary ;firescapes; which is no fun for someone who is afraid of heights. Best part for sure, made friends I will treasure

Vivian Lee White Baravalle Gilliam
There are many memories, both positive and not so positive about my six years at Mayflower. I think the most positive one was when I was one of the
students patrolling the stairs. We word a white strap that crossed the chest and fastened around our waists like the adult crossing guards and I even
think we had little badges. One of the saddest memories I have was when I was one of those chosen to dance around the May Pole in 6th grade, which
was essentially a good thing too. However, I became ill with pneumonia  in April and was in the hospital for a number of weeks after that. On that May 1st
1962, I was recovering at home and I cried my heart out because I was still ill and could not skip around that May Pole.

Wendy Herzberg
Miss Skelton was my first teacher after moving to New Rochelle when we were in second grade.
The safety drills where we hid in the coat room was something new.
Being kept after school in 3rd grade because Mike Thompson passed a note to me during class.
Lucy Davis and I being the only kids in our class who climbed the ropes in gym all the way to the ceiling. (It must have been during 3rd grade before my
accident. I never would have done it after that.)
Delivering a piece of cake we baked in home ec to the principal in 4th grade only to find that Mrs. Hermann had mistakenly given my piece away. She
gave me her piece to make up for it.
Running for class president as the female candidate against Tommy Lore.
Picking wild onions on the sidelines of the softball field during recess. Playing quicksand; around the big tree in the playground during recess.
Miss Shoppe insisting we always be reading at least one book and encouraging my love of reading which has lasted a lifetime.
Getting to spend an extra afternoon each week in wood shop because I loved it so much.

Peninnah Rusciano Cozza
Funny & Cute: In kindergarten, Davey Davidson ran up to me and gave me a kiss on my cheek-total surprise. After school, running to the store for our
penny candy treats. Walking to school and back and forth to eat lunch at home. Does anyone do that anymore? Maypole dances every May 1st; school
plays, Valentine Day parties. 5 minute math quizzes every morning and remembering that Victoria always beat me and I was determined to win. Mr.
Attisanti as my first male teacher in 5th grade and his brother, Dr. Attisanti was my dentist; thought that was so funny.
Not so funny: wanting to play with my friend after school and my mother wouldn't let me because she was Black. I cried all the way home and never
understood her prejudice. Moving to Pelham Manor after sixth grade was a hard adjustment for me and lost my connection with my New Rochelle
friends. Some have reconnected over the years from Mayflower Avenue, but this reunion will be a great chance to see more.

Joyce Winters
•    Mr. Most playing classical music during art class.  Loved art class and the music.
•       The slimy chopped meat fed to the turtles in Miss McCartan's kindergarten.
•       Mr. Brooks’ laugh at Linda Jefferson's response to "Why I'm Worth More Than 29 Cents"; composition.
•       Mrs. Hobson taking a swig of red "cough syrup"; during class.
•       Knocking the wind out of myself the first time a made a basketball basket.
•       Must have been standing next to Vikki Young when waiting to be picked for a team because I remember too being ones of the last picked too.
•       The spring flower shows.
•       Miss Litvich showing her slides of her European summer vacations.

Yvonne Trytko Billera
Why don't I remember all that everyone else does?  But I DO remember Maypole dances, Mr Brooks, Mr Attisani... and I remember coming in to
kindergarden half way through the school year and being petrified of Miss McCarten.  And I remember DESKS when we first went to first grade.  
I remember air raid drills, too, and having to walk home for lunch, and my mother worked, so I had a key around my neck and let myself in, found my
lunch in the frig... ate it and got myself back to school in time.  And BIKE RIDES!!!

Thomas Mattison
Remembering a day that Mr.Brooks was keeping me after school because I was not paying attention, which was often. Could not stay after that
particular day because my mom was taking me for a doctor's appt. remembering  Betty Rikoon asking me, who is your doctor? said to her, his name is
Dr. Sperber. She said yeah that is my uncle. I wonder if she remembers that

Sherry Kotler's
I was scared entering Mayflower from the city, I was 7 and in the second grade, I think my teacher's name was Miss Mahoney?  What sticks in my mind
the most was the  Halloween parades, dancing around the May pole (May Day), the picnics in the playground (loved the watermelon), being a butterfly
in Miss Martin's 3rd grade play with Vicki Stoller and Joanne Hersh, playing around the big tree at recess in the playground, the new wings being built,
getting my eyes and hearing tested, Mr. Most's influence on me (I became an art teacher) and playing clarinet in the band.  I also remember square
dancing in gym, climbing the ropes (I hated that) . . . in general I did NOT like gym.  I had lunch every Friday at the College diner with Joanne Hersh,
Wendy Kotler and Gracejean Goldstein.  Fun times.

Roberta Crant
I moved to New Rochelle the summer before 6th grade.  I lived on White Oak St. and Judy Harris and Harriet Thailer were my first friends.  I remember
Mr. Brooks as being my favorite teacher- even now, that is true.  I was almost placed in Miss Litvich's class, but at the last minute, they put me in Mr,
Brook's class.  Strange as it may sound, looking at the list of names, I remember these names and faces very vividly.  I remember we put on a play- The
Day the Kids Took Over- produced by Barbara Moross whose cousin was Jerome Robbins who also worked on West Side Story with Leonard
Bernstein.  I split my knee roller skating down the big hill in front of the school.