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Minutes - Mayflower Reunion Call 1/25/2011

Attendees:  Mike Mark, Scott Perry, Nancy Nelson, Martin Friedrichs, Judy Harris Gaynor

Martin kicked off the meeting and started the discussion on search activities referring to version #12.  We only have 33 more
people to find/hear from and have lots of interest so far.  It was suggested that we remind everyone that any ‘hint’ including a
middle name or initial, last city lived in, etc., would be helpful as many of the remaining folks have fairly common names and/or
are women who may have married.  Martin will mention this in the note he is updating that we will be sending out to classmates.  

As far as the matrix, Judy will update, create version 15 and send back to Martin.  Judy will indicate her initials next to the people
she made contact with (who were assigned to others), and for those not found/responded, we will remove initials and let anyone
search for them.  We will also cross out any information that has proven to be incorrect.

Martin mentioned that on our web site, he has put ‘yes’ for anyone who has indicated any type of interest.  The more ‘yeses’ we
have, the more interest we will generate.

Martin also mentioned buying into a site to try to locate information on our missing classmates.  Some offer a free 7 day
membership so this is something we will explore.

The discussion then moved to the first letter to be sent out.  No one had any changes but a little concern was mentioned
because of its length.  Martin will look to possibly shorten and will add the names of the classmates we are still searching for.  
Additionally, there was a discussion on who should send out the letter (one person or various organizers).  It was decided that
whoever made contact with that particular individual, should send the letter to that person to keep the connection going.  The
updated matrix Martin will send out with the minutes will indicate who (by initials) should send the letters (via email or snail mail
when no email provided).  Lastly, each organizer should feel free to personal their letter and once they send it out, they should
confirm to Martin that they have done so.  Next communication should probably occur over the summer.

We determined from Nancy that the one missing 5th grade picture is for Mrs. McLaughlin’s class.  Nancy was in that class and
will see if she has that picture.  Note to anyone else who was in that class, please check your ‘archives’.

Nancy brought up doing something in memoriam for our classmates who have passed away.  We agreed we would do something
(a toast, minute of silence) and also if we are putting together a directory, include something in there (similar to what was done
for the last NRHS reunion).  It was also mentioned that we might ask our classmates what their best and worst memories are
from Mayflower and/or provide a template for them to complete providing personal info and what they’ve been doing for the last
50 years.  These ideas are to be discussed further at a later point.

Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 11, 2011 at 9:00 PM.  Mike will send out a reminder in early April.

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