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Minutes - Mayflower Reunion Call 05/07/2012

Attendees:  Mike Mark, Scott Perry, Nancy Nelson, Martin Friedrichs, Vicki Young Johnson, Judy Harris Gaynor

Martin opened call, saying he had sent out a note of tasks and all agreed to use it as an outline for the call.  

Tasks – Before:
- Notifying people, getting responses - Judy lead – Need to proactively touch base with folks; “event is really
happening”, etc.  Consensus is to send another email, include responses posted on web, and ask who is a definite
for main event as well as lunch at diner.  Should mention Friday night get-together; 7:00 PM at Marriott, 10th floor.
Mike had drafted a note earlier and will work with Judy on it.  Either Jud y or Mike will send out.  For those we don’t
hear from, we may have to make phone calls; leaving a message if they don’t answer.  Additionally, should mention
the Radisson is only holding rooms at a special rate through the end of the month.  

- Mayflower tour confirm – Scott – Tour is set.  Meet at diner, 1:00 PM to walk over to facility.  We should also
mention, it is now called The Murphy Center.

- Make Name tags – Ellen – Ellen was not on call.  Need to confirm with Ellen that she will be at each event to hand
out name tags (Friday night, diner and BBQ).  Let folks know to wear them the entire time.  

- Menu - Martin and Nancy will work on menu items together.  Scott will pick up soda and paper goods.  Mike will
assist on the latter.  Suggested Costco might be a good place to get these items.  Vivian had stated she was going
to make desserts.  Need to check with her; Judy will send Vivian a note via Facebook.

- Hotel / Friday night coordinate – Nancy – Will meet with Judy early afternoon to get key to room.  Agreed 7:00 PM
is appropriate time for ‘meet and greet’.  Folks can stop by 7:00-10:00 PM.  Nancy will firm up in case of any
restrictions.  Plan is to order pizza for this event.  Best idea is to wait to see who shows up and then order.  Will
collect needed money at that point.  Mike will be there to coordinate cost.

- Diner coordinate – Vicki – Plan is to meet at 11:00 AM.  Vicki will stand by hostess station and direct folks as they
arrive.  While we can’t reserve tables, the diner does want an estimate of how many might show up so need to add
this to the letter.  Each table will take care of their own bill.

- Sunday activity - Manhattan circle tour – Nothing definite has been planned. Consensus is that if folks want to do
something, they can coordinate at the BBQ.  Folks from out of town may have other plans.  

- Decorations – Agreed not sure we need decorations

- Remembrance (i.e., give away) – Vicki stated that all pictures taken by her husband could be downloaded for free
from his web site.  Scott suggested staging these photos similar to the 6th graduation photos.

- Maps / directions – Martin has these available on the web site.

Tasks - Immediately before:
Order food - Martin
Buy/Order drinks - Scott
Set up House - Martin plus Judy
Friday night order pizza – Nancy
Point phone number for last minute questions – Scott
Reconfirm diner - Vicki
Reconfirm Mayflower tour -Scott
Figure out some New Rochelle tours - from 2 to 3:30 – let folks do this on their own

Tasks - During:
Point person for coordination - phone number – assume Scott again
Collect money  - Mike
Make sure all included - Judy
Coordinate Friday dinner - Nancy
Coordinate Diner activity - Vicki
Coordinate Mayflower tour - Scott
BBQ – Martin*
Take Photos – Vicki’s husband

*Nancy said she would dig up the list of activities previously discussed for things to do at reunion. Also, we
shouldn’t make anyone feel ‘forced’ to share what’s been happening in their lives as it could be sensitive for some.

Tasks - After:
Reimburse - Mike
Clean up - Martin  + all organizers
Distribute Photos - Vicki
Maintain list of names – Judy, Martin
Next event - NRHS 50th - pre dinner ??

Next meeting scheduled for 9:00 PM on Monday, May 29, 2012.

Minutes - Mayflower Reunion Call 04/09/2012

Attendees:  Mike Mark, Scott Perry, Wendy Kotler Herzberg, Nancy Nelson, Martin Friedrichs, Vicki Young Johnson,
Ellen Goldberg Hess, Judy Harris Gaynor

While waiting to start call, Judy mentioned that we heard from Louis Taylor, and he is planning to attend.  He
somehow found out about the reunion which was good.    

Martin then opened call, saying he didn’t have a formal agenda so anyone who had a subject to discuss should just
bring it up.

Scott started a discussion regarding a note Vicki had sent out earlier in the day regarding logistics for the
brunch/lunch.  How would it work for folks coming to the diner and meeting folks for the first time (i.e., those not
coming to the hotel get-together the night before)?  After talking about possibly changing venues because we
might have a lot of people show up and the diner is small, we decided to stick to the diner as it’s close to the
school for the tour and there are other places close by we could use as backup if the diner is mobbed.  We agreed
smaller tables are the way to go to allow for better conversation.  We will mark each table with a balloon or some
other item so as to identify where the groups are sitting and have an organizer at each table to act as a ‘host’.  It
was also agreed that Vicki would be at the front door to ‘shuffle’ folks to the various tables.  11:00 AM is the
planned time to meet at the diner.  Tour to follow possibly at 1:00 (Scott has to finalize time and where to meet)
though there was some discussion about changing the order but eating later rather than earlier would then
conflict with the 3:30 main event.

Judy brought up a few items:
        Mayflower Memories – make hard copies to hand out at event.  Everyone agreed to this, and Judy will
handle.  Could make a digital copy afterwards and send to all classmates.  
        In Memoriam – Judy drafted and will send to team.  Plan is to print and put into a frame to display at main
        Directory – Judy started a ‘clean’ copy to hand out at reunion.  It was decided this will now be the master.  For
those who have not confirmed that we can share their information, we will create a separate page of these folks
and then delete that page when we print the directory.  Judy will maintain and make the copies.  Will also add a
‘version’ or date to the directory.

Martin mentioned he had copies of Life Magazine from the 1960’s and will display at the main event.  Martin also
said he will work to update the web site to reflect who is coming and who isn’t.  Judy had stated earlier that a few
folks had changed their minds about attending due to conflicts, etc.   

Ellen brought up the topic of name tags which she is willing to handle.  She thought having individual pictures
pulled from graduating class photos on the badge along with the person’s name would be a great way to
remember/identify folks.  Guests would also need a name tag.  Ellen will look into the cost of name tags.  Scott
suggested that for our classmates who have passed away, we make a name tag and put it by the memorial frame.  
Ellen also brought up the idea of playing music from the 60’s at the main event; she will look into that.

Nancy mentioned she was concerned that no one booked rooms at the Radisson as they are only holding the
rooms for a certain period of time.  Judy mentioned that one classmate asked about sharing a room to help defray
costs so we will note this in our next mailing.  Judy and Vicki mentioned they were booked at the Marriott but the
Marriott is not holding a group of rooms so hard to determine how many others may have booked there!  We also
know that some classmates will be staying with friends versus at a hotel.

Need to finalize who is coming as well as number of guests.  We should plan to send an email in May with a RSVP
date, coming ‘yes/no’ for both main event and lunch/brunch.  For those who don’t respond, we will probably have
to call to confirm if coming and whether bringing a guest.  Everyone will have to assist with making such calls.  
Mike said he would take a shot at drafting the next communication.

We reiterated the plan was to collect money at the main event.  Having folks send money ahead of time gets too
complicated.  If we are short a little money, we might have to cover that expense.  While we said in last email that
we won’t serve alcohol, we might agree to buy some beer.

Nancy asked Martin if he had any concern about seating at the main event, and he felt it was covered.     

It was suggested we should provide a few cell phone numbers to classmates in case they need to reach anyone.  
We can plan to do this as the event draws near.

Next meeting scheduled for 9:00 PM on Monday, May 7, 2012.

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