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Minutes - Mayflower Reunion Call 9/15/2010 v2

Attendees:  Mike Mark, Scott Perry, Wendy Kotler Hertzberg, Sherry Kotler Max, Nancy Nelson, Martin Friedrichs, Judy Harris
Gaynor, (Vivian White Gilliam – indirectly via Scott)

Some initial items were brought up were:
•        Can we invite teachers?  Added to agenda  
•        Scott stated he could work with Iona to arrange a walk through (future discussion)

Item 1 – Pick a date:  Discussed late June/early July 2012.  Agreed it would be a 3-day event (weekend of June 29, 2012) with
the main event on Saturday, June 30th.  This could be a catered event out or at someone’s house.  To be determined later.

Item 2 – Professional planner:  Consensus was that a professional planner was not needed; that we could handle the activities.

Item 3 – Contacting Alumni:  Various individuals (Martin, Judy, Vivian, Victoria Young, Wendy, Mike, Ellen Hess, Scott) agreed to
contact those we have no information on.  These folks should let Martin know if there are any people they want to volunteer to
contact.  Martin will then assign the ‘unclaimed’ names and send out a spreadsheet so everyone knows who they are
responsible for.  As we obtain information, we should inform Martin as he will keep the master listing.  If we obtain information on
graduates others are ‘chasing’ we should communicate with them.  

Item 4 – Meeting schedule:  We chose December 1st for the next meeting.  At that time, we will determine schedule for future
meetings.  The main focus of the 12/1 meeting will be to discuss the searches we’ve done, where we still need help, missing
information, etc.

Item 5 – Web sites:  Yahoo, Facebook, regular website, Classmates.  Use these to reinforce reunion, etc., and point to each
other.  Michael maintains Yahoo, Elleen Facebook, Martin regular website, and Judy will look at putting something on
Classmates.  Martin will also look at putting minutes on website.

Item 6 – Ideas for activities:  Nancy Nelson and Vivian White volunteered to be the ‘keepers’ of ideas for reunion activities.  Ideas
should be sent to Nancy ( for logging.  Some thoughts were BBQ, tour, Mayflower autograph book,
etc.  Wendy mentioned a sleep away camp reunion which could be considered.  

Item 7 – Personal expenses:  Scott stated that if we know of anyone who wants to attend but financially can’t make it, that there
maybe some help available.  It was also mentioned that folks traveling might share rooms if that would help with costs.

Item 8 – Teachers:  Agreed we can include teachers, and individuals should feel free to try to find them.  If found, should share
what we are working on.  

Please note:

Mike Mark will handle scheduling conference calls.

Judy Harris Gaynor will scribe and distribute meeting minutes.  

Martin will maintain master list and share with organizers (See “O” on spreadsheet).  Scott has joined organizers.  Joanne has
dropped off due to other commitments.

we thought we'd set down
some principles regarding communications.  I know we're all very anxious
and interested in communicating about our reunion but, let's try to limit
our notes to those who are tracking the various items, rather than copying
everyone on every note.  I'm sure you will all agree, getting hundreds of
emails can be a tad over whelming.

Here's how topics should be addressed:

Agenda items - Judy Harris Gaynor
Reunion activity ideas - Nancy Nelson and Vivian White Gilliam
Classmate contact & interest information - Martin Friedrichs

All agreed it was a great first call!

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