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Minutes - Mayflower Reunion Call April 11, 2011

Attendees:  Michael Mark, Martin Friedrichs, Wendy Kotler Herzberg, Nancy Nelson, Scott Perry, Vikki Young Johnson, Judy
Harris Gaynor

Martin opened the call; referring to the attachments sent out by Michael Mark and the Mayflower web page.

Agenda Item 1 - Searches

Of 90 graduates, 57 individuals have some type of interest.  We have 6 with no interest or not available.  9 unfortunately who
are deceased which consensus felt was high for a class of 90.  Martin mentioned that for two, Lynn Mecca and Martin Cohen, we
heard via a source that they passed away.  Martin was able to confirm through SS# that Lynn did die but unsure of Martin
Cohen.  Vikki stated that she heard through Lynn Wasley that Martin Cohen committed suicide in high school but this has not
been verified.  

There are 8 people we feel strongly we have identified but they have not responded.  Leave these folks alone for now, and we
will try again down to road as maybe there is something going on in their life right now which precludes their responding.  Wendy
confirmed that David Solomon is a ‘no’ .

That leaves 10 folks we haven’t found:  John Dawson, Jacqueline Jones, Sharon Kelly, Thomas Mosher, Barry Robinson, Harold
Robinson, Kathleen Rush, Alice Williams, Pete Sloane and Joyce Winters.  Martin mentioned that per Betty Rikoon, Sharon
works at a hospital in Port Chester; he may try to call there or go over to locate her.  Judy and Martin will continue to work
through these.  Scott volunteered to check names against NRHS alumni book when it comes out.  If someone is listed who has a
similar last name, should reach out to them as they might know or be related to some of our missing 10.  

Martin also mentioned that on the spreadsheet, he indicated who actually responded to the emails which had been sent out.    

Agenda Item 2 – Proposed Itinerary

Martin stated it would be a 3-day event with Saturday as the main event day with a BBQ at his house and a tour of Mayflower
before the BBQ.  Scott will make contact for a tour of Mayflower.  He will try to arrange a preview for himself and Martin.  Sunday
could be a formal day into the city or a casual brunch.  Friday night could be dinner and drinks at a local restaurant.  The
previous suggestion of dinner/dance on Friday was squashed, and consensus felt that maybe a brunch on Saturday after a
morning tour of Mayflower (or New Rochelle) made the most sense.  Sunday still needs to be sorted out; as a group, a museum
or show in NYC or possibly boat ride (NYC, Hudson Park, City Island, etc.)  

Also discussed hotels where we might suggest people stay so everyone is together; there are only 2; a Radisson and a
Marriott.  Maybe Friday night dinner/drinks could be at the hotel.

We don’t want to make this too complicated for invitees.   Lay out plans in some detail (send out in August) with check marks
(like a survey) for them to show level of interest in suggested activities.

Martin asked for volunteers to flush out other days/activities.  He will develop itinerary; volunteers should send him input.
Volunteers/activities are:

Nancy – checkout hotels and restaurants
Vikki – call diner
Scott – explore Mayflower Tour
Martin/Nancy ??? – contact historian for possible walking tour, or Mayor’s office, or visitor’s bureau  
Judy – boat tours/rides

Strawman Itinerary:
Friday – Welcome, dinner, drinks, local area
Saturday – Brunch at former College diner, Mayflower and NR tour,  BBQ (3:00 PM arrival)
Sunday – Optional*:  NYC day, museum, play, restaurant or local boat ride or tour of NR

*August communication will ask who is interested in participating in Sunday activities.  

Also mentioned, seeing some event with New Rochelle connection. (“Catch Me if You Can” has a guy from New Rochelle, and
“Ragtime” which is also New Rochelle-based.)

Scott asked about BBQ at Martin’s – will need tables, chairs, etc., and what is cost.  Martin stated it would be quasi-catered,
trays of take out, etc.  Will need some folks to help set up.  Have to be prepared in case it rains to have event inside.  Martin felt
comfortable it could be handled as he has had BBQs as his home previously.  We will also ask for contributions of a certain
amount so we can cover all expenses for everyone.  Vikki offered to have her husband take pictures which is greatly
appreciated.  How we would get those out to everyone can be flushed out once we get down to particulars.   

Agenda Item 3 – Proposed Communications/Schedule

In August, next communication will be sent stating the proposed itinerary; asking what is your level of interest in various
activities.  Then in November, ask for information, photos, etc., that people want to share.  Scott suggested adding a ‘counter’ to
our notes so folks know how many days to the event but this can get complex.  It was instead suggested to add a ‘counter’ to the
web site.  Martin will handle adding this.  

Vikki suggested earlier contact options to get people interested/make connections.  As a way of doing this, Martin suggested
setting up a page from our website where people can post information about themselves.  Everyone liked the idea so Martin will
add along with a count down timer.  Martin also asked that the organizers submit a bio on themselves as a way of getting this
activity moving.

Judy also mentioned that we will poll all graduates at some point asking their permission to publish their personal info (name,
address, phone, email) in a directory to be handed out at the reunion to alumni.  It would not be used for any other reason and
not published on line or anything like that.

It was concluded that everyone agreed on the communications schedule.
August 2011 – send second notice of reunion with proposed itinerary
November  2011 – send 3rd notice of reunion with requests for photos – bios- etc.
February 2012 – send 4th notice of reunion  - official invite with lodging info etc.
April 2012 – send 5th notice of reunion with update of who is attending
May 2012 – send 6th and final notice – reminder – hype the event
Note:  Conference call is probably needed before each mailing

No other items were raised.

In closing, we discussed a date for our next organizer meeting.  It is tentatively for 9:00 PM, on Monday, July 25th.  This could
change as Martin might be away during this time frame.

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