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Minutes: Mayflower Meeting: Sept. 19, 2011

Since our usual minutes-taker Judy ran into a conflict just before our meeting, I tried to keep track of the discussion. If I missed anything,
feel free to follow-up with another communication. Contact people are listed next to Mike's meeting agenda -- Wendy

Attendees: Michael Mark, Martin Friedrichs, Wendy Kotler Herzberg, Nancy Nelson, Scott Perry, Vikki Young Johnson, Ellen Goldberg

A) Pre-reunion Communication:
    Proposed letter/invite -- group felt most recent version was okay.
    Editing -- Wendy will amend portions to reflect discussions from tonight's meeting and forward it to the committee
       Mail/e-mail -- Judy will send out official letter
       Author/sender of letter -- We each have the option of sending to  specific people if we choose to. (Let Judy know who.)
       Timetable -- TBD

B) Finance and Treasurer --Mike
       Costs/payments --TBD Martin mentioned $50-60 pp with spouses, children et costing less. Since we originally were discussing a
lesser amount, we may need to re-think what we are doing.

C) Hotel Search --Nancy

D) Master List -- Martin

E) Reunion Weekend Responsibilities/Division of Labor --TBD

Weekend Coordinator
 Point Person for Communications (Before and During) -- Wanda? (She was not there but since she lives locally someone mentioned her
name in the hope that she would be amenable to being the person.)
 Saturday brunch at diner -- Vikki
 Hotel/Facilities --Nancy
 Friday evening cocktail hour and dinner -- Nancy
 School Tour --Scott
 BBQ -- Martin
 Sunday activities/events -- Vivian? (She was not there, but was nominated with the hope that she would be amenable to being the

Event Coordinator
 Food/Drinks/Setup -- TBD
 Name Tags -- Ellen
 Activities/Ice Breakers -- Ellen
 Memorabilia/decorations/gifts -- Ellen
Photography -- Vikki
Post Event Newsletter – Staying in touch -- TBD

The next meeting will be Monday, Nov. 14 at 9:00 p.m.

2nd letter being sent to all
Dear Mayflower School 1962 graduate,

Fifty years in the making, an event to happen only once in our lifetimes…
Activities are planned for June 29 and 30, and July 1 of 2012. Our main events are scheduled for Saturday, June 30th in New Rochelle,
so if you can only join us for one day, that is the day to be there!  Feel free to check our web page for the latest information.  http://www. You will receive more information as the date approaches.

We have found an incredible 81 of our 90 classmates with 58 expressing interest in attending.  We are going to have a great turnout and
hope to see you there!
In preparation for the weekend, there are some things we would ask you to do in response to this note.  Please see the items below.   

1 – We are still missing 9 of our classmates.  If you have any ideas on how to locate them, please let us know.  Those missing classmates
Jacqueline Jones; Sharon Marlissa Kelly; Thomas Mosher; Barry Robinson; Harold Robinson; Kathleen Barbara Rush; Pete Sloane; Alice
Williams; Joyce Christina Winter

2 – We have added a bio and remembrances page to our web site. Check them out and add your own.  It’s really fun catching up on what
people have been doing as well as read about what they remember most about our days at Mayflower.  

3 – Review our agenda below and give us any feedback or ideas.
- Friday evening - an optional informal dinner at or near the downtown hotels in New Rochelle as people arrive. Hotel choices in New
Rochelle include the Radisson and the Marriott Residence Inn.  A group rate for a limited number of rooms is being held for reunion
attendees through May 2012. Further hotel information can be found at
- Saturday        11 a.m. Brunch at the diner – next to Mayflower
                        1 p.m.  Tour of Mayflower
                        2 p.m.  Informal car tours of New Rochelle (organized at the brunch)
     3 p.m.–evening: Picnic (indoor or out) at 24 Lester Place (Martin Friedrichs’ home).  This will be the major group activity of the
weekend where all are expected to attend, mingle and catch up with our long-lost friends.
- Sunday          11 a.m. brunch and/or activity in NYC or New Ro – for those interested –  ideas and organizers welcome!

The cost (yet to be determined) will be held low for each of these events. More specific information will be shared in future

4 – Give us an idea (not a final commitment) if you are likely to come, and if partners or children are likely to join you.  Since the main
event is being held at Martin’s house, we will not be able to invite classmates from other years as spaced is limited.

5 – Send (electronically is best) any photos or memorabilia from that period.  We may post some on our web page and use others at the
main event.

6 – We hope to make available for distribution to fellow Class of 1962 classmates a list of all of our names, addresses and/or email

If you have any objection about having your information included in a “where we are now” list of classmates, let us know as soon as
possible. Whether or not you attend the reunion, you have the choice of opting out of being included on the master list.
Looking forward to seeing you in 2012!!!

The Mayflower reunion committee
Judy Gaynor, Martin Friedrichs, Wanda Baskerville, Ellen Goldberg, Wendy Kotler, Michael Mark, Nancy Nelson, Scott Perry, Vivian
White, Victoria Young

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