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Minutes - Mayflower Meeting, July 25 ,2011

Attendees:  Michael Mark, Martin Friedrichs, Wendy Kotler Herzberg, Nancy
Nelson, Scott Perry, Vivian White Baravalle Gilliam, Judy Harris Gaynor

Martin opened the call.  He reminded everyone to post information on
themselves into the Mayflower website…….

Martin had another idea for the site and that is to post our best or worst
memory of Mayflower school.  Martin will create a place to post this
information directly or it can be sent to Martin for posting.

ACTIONS for ORGANIZERS:  Please post directly or submit to Martin your
personal update and Mayflower memory (good, bad or interesting) ASAP.  This
will help to create a connection and interest in the reunion.  It is
important for Organizers to do this so we have some examples for classmates
to view when we ask them to do the same.

The team also discussed asking classmates in our next mailing to do three
things:  post a three-sentence update on themselves, a Mayflower memory and
also to solicit photos of class plays, other school pictures, etc.  We
should also include who is still missing (this should be included in all
future mailings).

The topic of autograph books was brought up; that we might suggest
classmates bring them if they have them.  To be discussed further down the

The discussion then moved to the events of the reunion.  Saturday is the
main day of activities.  A brunch is suggested at 11:00 (local diner), to
start the day.  Then a visit to Mayflower school, a possible guided tour of
New Rochelle and the main event at Martin’s house with a BBQ.

For those flying in, we should recommend a hotel where folks can stay and
meet the night before for dinner, drinks, etc.  Nancy volunteered to look
at hotels which might be a good place for people to stay/meeting.
Preference is that it should have a restaurant, bar, meeting area.

Sunday, possible NYC event.  Need to come up with some options on what that
might equate to so we can share with classmates and ask their interest.
Nancy also volunteered to work on ideas for Sunday and will send to Martin.

Martin will draft next mailing; Wendy offered to edit.  The thought is that
the next mailing to classmates should occur in late September.

We them further discussed the possibility of a tour of New Rochelle.  A
walking tour of downtown is a possibility but the team felt that some folks
may want to go off on their own to see various areas such as Albert
Leonard, Hudson Park, Glenn Island, etc.  We kicked around the idea of a
mini-bus but again, that would limit us on where we could go.  What we
agreed to do is at the brunch, discuss the various places people might want
to go and maybe break off into groups, with those who have cars, to see
those sights.

As far as the historian, may be they could come to the BBQ, host a Q&A,
give a slide show, etc.

It was also suggested that we have a running slide show of pictures from
Mayflower which could run during the actual BBQ.  Weather could affect
doing this.

We have scheduled our next meeting for Monday, September 19, at 9:00 PM.
However, it may not be needed so could be cancelled.  Let’s keep as a

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