Mayflower School New Rochelle NY Class of 1962 50th Year reunion in 2012
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Martin Friedrichs
In 1983 I moved (with my wife Randye) back into the same home I lived in when I went to Mayflower school. I have three children, the oldest two have
purchased a home and aparment in New Rochelle - one right around the corner. The youngest is at college in Purchase. For the last 38 years I worked
for Chase bank and then Roche pharmaceuticals (in the IT areas). I retired (or was laid off depending on how I feel on a particular day) - January 2011.
I am still very active skiing, mountineering, running, scuba diving, traveling and in the local community. I am Chariman of the New Rochelle Campership
Fund. I just started a Stairlift business.

Judy Harris Gaynor
Joined IBM right after high school and still working there (almost 43 years, yikes)!  Lived in various cities in NY until my move to Florida in 1992.  I have
one son, Michael, who is married to a wonderful girl, Taryn.  I also have a granddoggy named Vegas; a 105 pound lap dog!  Love to travel -- cruising is
my passion!

Vivian Lee White Baravalle Gilliam
From 1968-72, went to Bradley University and then went to UCSB 1972-73 for my Master's Degree. Then I moved to Los Angeles where I lived for three
years. I then travel-lectured throughout 13 European, middle Eastern and African countries before returning to California, where I lived in Grover Beach.
During my European trip, I met the man who became my first husband. We were married in 1978 and we lived in Scandicci (Florence) Italy for three
years and moved to Latina, Italy where our two children were born, where I worked as an English Teacher, Italian/English translator & interpreter for
many years.    In 1998, the children and I moved to the Czech Republic when my first marriage ended. I've been working at the University of South
Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice ever since.    Both children, Anisa & Giordano are adults and they are living and working in Vicenza, Italy.    In 2007, I
married for a second time. My husband, Stu, is retired actor and comedian.    Beyond teaching, I love traveling and I also practice & peform oriental

Vikki Young Johnson
I got both a Bachelor's  Degree in Music and a Master's Degree in Education from Boston University. I never left Massachusetts.  I've taught all kinds of
instruments and every age group in both public and private settings. In the late 80's, I owned a mail order company where I sold children's music
cassette tapes (remember them) and published a parent and early childhood music activity newsletter. Once my kids were older, I returned to teaching
music in the public school. Two years ago the entire instrumental music budget was cut and I found myself unemployed.  I started an after school music
program called the  "Joy of Music" and I love being my own boss.     I met my husband, Bill, at BU and got married three weeks after graduating from
college (21 years old, crazy!). But, we've been married for almost 39 years and have two wonderful adult children, Matthew and Beth. Matthew and his
wife live in California so we get to go out there every year. Beth is getting married in a few months. It's an exciting time.    The nice part of working
part-time is that I have more time for fun. I love Yoga, Jazz dance, ballroom dancing and walking.  

Scott Perry
Married my wife Carol in 1972, 39 years, we have 2 sons Jonathan 35 and Jason 29.
We have lived in NJ always and also have a house in Port St Lucie FL. An English Cocker Spaniel named Domino. My hobbies
are reading, gardening and riding my Harley. I have been in the moving relocation industry since 1973.

Peninnah Rusciano Cozza
My husband, Michael, and I presently live in Greenwich, CT and formerly lived in Rye, NY for twenty five years where we raised our four children. Our
oldest two children are married, one grandchild and our younger two are living in the area, the youngest still with us. My husband owns his own
mechanical contracting business and I've worked in our local Rye YMCA for the past twenty years in several capacities and currently in the fund
development office. I love to cook, read, knit, crochet and my cute Boston Terrier. My husband loves to reconstruct old houses and we are presently
redoing our fourth home.

Rick Mcleay
After 2 years at the new Junior High in New Rochelle I went to Mount Hermon School in Massachusettes.  Then I got a B.A. in Economics from Oberlin
College in Ohio.  I earned a Masters in Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School near Chicago, where I married and taught Bible until 1998
when we moved to Denver, Colorado with my 5 children.  Since then I taught computer science, and now have been in real estate for 12 years. 3 boys
are married, and we have 5 grandchildren.  My wife Mary Beth is from Maryland and teaches elementary school library and computers.

Wendy Kotler Herzberg
My husband Steve and I met and married in 1984. Until shortly after we married, I had a career in public relations in NYC.
We have two children, both in their mid-20s, who live with us in New Jersey. We also have a 15 year old Shih Tzu named Misha.
We enjoy traveling whenever we can get away for vacation. We also enjoy going to shows and to the opera.

Yvonne Trytko Billera
50 years is too many years to summarize, but briefly... College at RIT, then CNR, then worked there for 20 years... still miss it.  Went sailing with my
husband, 6 years on a sailboat all over the place; now in Washington State, on an island, in the country.  I have horses, dogs and the incredible beauty
of the Pacific Northwest... Work now at a wonderful, independent bookstore which IS surviving in this tech world :-)  Horses have been my passion since
Mayflower and still are.  I have two... and we have two dogs.  No kids for me, but my husband has two and has two grandchildren.  Am sorry to have to
miss the reunion, but it's too far away.  All best.

Thomas Mattison
After new Rochelle high school, I went on to obtain a BS from new York institute of technology, then came the tough part, trying to find a job still living at
home then with mom and dad, I worked briefly for all state then went on to New York law school, which gave me a great career in the legal field. Married
my wife carol ann in 1992 professional embryologist. Loved mayflower school hated the nick name suki. Looking forward to seeing classmates

David Pribish
Except for short periods in Jacksonville & San Francisco, I lived in New Rochelle till 1992 when I moved to Stamford,Ct. I married my wife Frances the
next year. I have 2 step kids and 2 grandkids. I received a BBA & MBA degree from Iona college and I worked in construction &; non-profit corporations
as controller/Accounting Manager. I am semi retired now working part time and rest of time playing tennis.

Did not send name??
After new rochelle high, I went on to obtain a BS from New York Institute of Technology, then worked at All State for a short while, finished up my
education at New York Law school
I then settle in for a career in the legal field. Married my wife carol ann
Profession embryologist in 1992.

Sherry Kotler
After high school I attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC, Mitchell College in New London, CT, Kent State University in Kent (there at time of national
Gaurd shooting at students), Ohio and received my degree in teaching from the College of New Rochelle.  I did my masters in art therapy and my
degree was in art education.  I taught elementary art in Yonkers, NY for 35 years (junior and high school also) and retired in 2009.  I live in Danbury, CT
with my dog and two cats (no human kids of my own).  In Sept. of 2011 I got divorced  (long overdue) and am gloriously happy, feeling free and

Ron Barr
Boy Scouts, slot car racing, HS track, college, flunked out, more college, finally graduated after six years.  CPA, more college (MBA).  Attacked by
upstairs neighbor cause music too loud...they move out, pretty veterinarian moves in.  Year later (1984) we're married.  (All those nights spent buying
drinks for girls in bars, and the woman of my dreams moves in to my house!)  Doesn't want kids, neither do I.  Still happy together.  Worked for Unilever
for 21 years, now controller for a law firm in Hackensack.  Five motorcycles--two street bikes (BMW & Ducati), three roadrace bikes (two Aprilias & one
Ducati).  Enjoy traveling, scuba, skiing, snowboarding, tennis.  Wife (Joy Micale) plays golf.  Looking forward to seeing you all.

Frank Facey
After High School went to college in upstate NY (Hartwick College-Oneonta NY)
After graduating with a BA, in 1973 I worked in Sales and Marketing for American Can Company headquartered in Greenwich CT. Traveled all over the
US. In 1984 was transferred to Los Angeles as Regional Manager. After 17 years left to join a Swedish Company in 1991 in the US as a Director for a
new consumer packaging group they were starting up. The company was sold 6 years later and I worked for another packaging company as Regional
Sales manager- Western Region, US. Married in 1997 to Victoria who will accompany me to New Rochelle to meet many of you at the reunion (and to
visit my remaining family in the area). I currently am a Group Business Manager for the largest contract manufacturer in the US (KIK Custom Products)
and I hope to retire in less than a year to my home in Southern California.
My hobbies, likes and loves are jazz, playing tennis weekly, travel, good food &  wine and my wife (and grown stepdaughter, Amber).