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Minutes - Mayflower Reunion Call 11/29/2010

Attendees:  Mike Mark, Scott Perry, Wendy Kotler Herzberg, Nancy Nelson, Martin Friedrichs, Judy Harris Gaynor, Wanda

Martin kicked off the meeting and reviewed agenda.  Martin reminded everyone that inquiries and information should be
addressed to the appropriate individuals below versus sending notes to everyone.  This will help keep email to a minimum.

Judy Harris Gaynor – Scribe and distribution of meeting minutes
Martin Friedrichs – Coordinate meetings, contact list
Nancy Nelson and Vivian White – Reunion activities coordination
Mike Mark – Teleconference logistics

Judy will send a copy of the minutes to Martin and Mike for a review prior to sending to the rest of the organizers.

Martin referred to version #8 of contact listing.  The team reviewed progress of searches.  Some organizers are making contact
with individuals assigned to others.  These updates should be sent to Martin.  Wanda offered to look over those assigned to
Tom L to see if she might be able to help with those.

We will be adding two more ‘classifications’ to the contact list; ‘NR’ for ‘no response’, and ‘NF’ for ‘not found’.  As soon as
everyone can, they should send updates including these two new classifications to Martin, but no later than 12/15.

After our next meeting in late January, a broad email will be sent to those for whom we have contact information, including those
who aren’t interested in attending the reunion.  The note will contain general information on the dates, etc., as well as a list of
the ‘NF’ folks, asking if anyone might have any contact information on them.  Martin will review this note at our next meeting.

At some point, Martin will purchase some type of membership in a site which offers better search capability.  Judy has a paid
subscription to Classmates so she can search that site also for those designated as ‘NF’.  

All agreed that Martin’s web site should be the focal for information (  However, another
site such as Facebook could be used for collaboration, submitting ideas, etc.  It was suggested that in the mailing in January,
the recipients are instructed to use Facebook to provide input or to send activity ideas to Nancy (note will include Nancy’s email
but her address will not be posted on Facebook).

All agreed that spouses, partners and children could be brought to the reunion.  Cost of course would have to be considered
but we’re hoping that for many activities, there will be no cost.  Discussed possibly using one hotel for those who are traveling
in.  The hope is to possibly get a discount (it would probably be a very small discount) but it could be a good place for travelers
to gather and catch up.

There was some discussion on activities.  A broadway show might be too expensive and in addition, it would be hard to talk
during a show.  Another thought is a boat trip around Manhattan or Ellis Island and possibly a tour of City Hall, hosted by a New
Rochelle historian (Martin has a contact).  We could plan ‘core’ activities and then ‘optional’ ones.  More discussion on activities
will occur at future meetings.

Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 25, 2011. Mike will send out a reminder in early January.   

Key activity right now:

Each of us organizers should try to find contact information on any names in any search way we can, and if we find a possible
address or phone number or email send it to the person responsible for that name to follow up. Then make sure you send any
result - or failure - to Martin to update his list. He will distribute the latest version periodically.

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