Site created and maintained by Martin Friedrichs

basic instructions

Site maintained by Yahoo site builder product
It resided as a Software program on Martin’s PC, you open site builder, open the site you want to work on (file - then -
open site)
There are 4 sites (friedirchs, beechmont, campership, stairlift)
You need a password for each to post your changes (see folder next to computer or Martin's contacts)
You may need to “change user” (from file tab) to get out of previously updated site
You sometimes need to close it all out and re open it

for help from Yahoo go to
log in (see folder on side of desk with account and password)
get incident number
call 888 814 2524

You update the site, add pages, text, images, make links (usually to a page in your site)
Use the icons and tabs on top, add navigation bars as needed - use template page "z-template"
Then "save" the pages and then “publish” (use the icon on top) the site
If you move pages and images (within the directory shown on the right side), it automatically recreates links within the
site, you must OK these

The site, when you edit it, gets updated first on Martin’s computer then is "publishes" to Yahoo's host location
It resides on the computer in
(Not the folder "Yahoo Sitebuilder" but just the folder that says "sitebuilder" )

If large text does not wrap around properly ( on word is on some lines and does not look the same on published site as
on the creation page) you can fix that by changing the font size once the page has been created and then republish,
but do not resize the text space after changing the font size, it seem to throw off the line breaks again.

Adding or deleting to a word (or fixing the extra characters created by ") can throw off the line, you need to delete the
last letter on the line and retype it to get the word wrap correct again.
Copied in text the " and ' do not convert properly and need to be retyped

Photos when inserted from PC locations are stored under “images” folder within sitebuilder. I then move them to a
folder I created that generally matches their location on the site (ie, event / reunion 2012 or individual / ellen)
Note: you have to shut the program down and reopen to see newly added photos show up in the image folder
The profiles folder is where the small individual head shots are

I also put in those folders some web page that will only be accessed from inside the site – secondary links. Note that if
you move pages to a sub folder any links to that page from outside our web site will be broken, that is why most pages
in the site are left in the main folder.

All main web pages are in the main folder of the site
The web page name starts with its organization
i.e. martin-belize
history-KOF-life  etc.
Every individual has a page with their name followed by a home as their home page i.e. "walter-home"
going froward try to use all lower case fro all web pages

The home page is "index"  , I also create some old backup of that page
The pages starting with X are the main sections
the last page z-templet should be used to start a new page then re-saved under a different name, all pages should
have that menu link on top (many "older" pages do not have this)

Some other useful items
- set page width from "edit" tab then "page properties", then "layout" - I use 1016 for most page widths - allows for
navigation bar on top
- published pages do not always look like created pages, item overlap, etc. if you use a font then is not on the viewing
computer it substitutes a different font so size are off
- you can go to "edit" then "properties', then publish text as image - this will keep it the same on all computers, but
slows down the process as images are slower than text - especially if large
- links I usually open the page n the same window - unless you are linking to an external site
- if making many changes - publish incrementally - alway select only pages that have changed,  but if you have not
published in a long time, it sometimes does ever page

Yahoo help 877 316 2671 sometimes works

I originally created this on page builder but converted to site builder around 2005 some of the below may still be

How page builder to site builder seems to work

when converting page builder to site builder most links are defined as  to "another site " which still work as long as the
page / image is in original location (even if it is on the same site), but they do not get automatically re directed as you
move the pages/images within the site builder PC tool to a new folder or rename the files

Links to a "page on your site" are redirected as you move the underling items within site builder, But is seems when
you "publish" your site it overrides pages / Images if they are published to the same location but if they have been
moved to a new location in site builder then they publish them there but do not "delete" them form the old location on
the actual Yahoo host directory (but on the site builder directory you see in your computer they have been permanently
moved), So links pointing to "another site:" will still work as long as you do not delete the original  item, but they will
point to an old - not updated version of that page / image

If you publish them to the original location and later move them then the modified pages stay in the original location

one way to save both would be to import to site builder then move all (the entire structure - under a "new" folder, then
all the old pages will still be there (except the Index page)

not having done that I may move pages I no longer need - not linked in any way as "another site " or My site" to a folder
called old unneeded pages /images, then I could move them back if needed

Moving the pages to new folders may impact goggle search finding these (it may need to re search) and it may impact
other who have booked marked sub pages in the site