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Tazlina, in her first Thursday night race (in August 04) where she competed in the munchkin category. Although she did not beat
the other runner shown, and may have come in last she did dominate the Anchorage sports coverage of the day and was obviously the
cutest competitor.
Natasha in her first 5 K race in White Plains (in Oct 04)
where she came in second in her 20-29 age group  only 13
seconds behind the winner. Says Natasha at award
ceremony  If I knew she was my only competition I would
have tried to pass her

Note: She did come in about 5 minutes behind her 53 year
old father (24:58).Two other women in the 20-29 age
category came in 1 & 2 in the overall event so did not count
in the age group. There were only 4 women in the 20-29 year
group (lots of 50 year old men). Never the less