Following is the information (via Christopher) about locating the sites of family interest in Lyon.

I assume you still have the two sheets with color pictures of these buildings which I sent you in 1998 and in fact you
may want to bring them along.

I also enclose a
simple map of Lyon with all the significant locations marked. For orientation it is useful to know that
the oldest part of Lyon (Vieux Lyon) is along the west bank of the Saône river, the next oldest part is on a long neck
of land between the Saône and Rhône rivers, and the newer parts of the city, built up in the nineteenth century, are
on the east side of the Rhône. There are two main train stations: Perrache and Part -Dieu. I have underlined Part -
Dieu on the map in case you are arriving or departing from there.

The house where Mom was born is on a long north-south street called the Avenue Marechal de Saxe. The house
numbering has changed, but I figured out that the current numbering of the building is
111 Avenue Marechal de Saxe. I
am not sure of the exact corner, but I am pretty sure it is within the stretch of the street which I have marked on the
map. If I recall correctly, the house is on the east side of the street, so this picture must have been taken from a cross-
street looking east.
The house where our grandfather lived after 1915 and where Mom visited him in the 1930s is at number
20 rue
Waldeck-Rousseau. This is a small street and a bit hard to find on maps because the words Waldeck and Rousseau
are usually put on the map a few blocks apart. But it is near a large train station (still standing, but no longer used as a
passenger station) called Brotteaux. I have marked the location on the map and if you told the cab driver that the street
you want is “pres de Brotteaux� he should be able to find it.

Our grandfather’s office was beautifully situated on a street that runs along an embankment of the Rhône. The
street is now Quai Jean Moulin and the address is 15 Quai Jean Moulin. It should be easily to locate because it is right
along the river.

If after seeing all these locations you still have more time you might try to head over to the Vieux Lyon district because
that is the most picturesque part of the city. It is the kind of neighbor-hood that has little winding streets and alleys, so
of course your cab driver might not like it, but if you have the time it is worth seeing.

Christopher (written January 2002)

Following are the instructions (in English and French) that I (Martin) gave the taxi driver. As he spoke no English it
was critical to have these. You can copy these with appropriate modifications or use your own.

Sorry I do not speak French
I wanted to see the following locations before going to the Train Station (Gare Lyon Part-Dieu) where I need to get a
train leaving at 16:21.
111 Avenue du Maréchal de Saxe. I only want to see the house and take a photo as my mother was born there.
20 rue Wadeck-Rousseau. Where my grandfather lived.
15 Quai Jean Moulin - But only if we have time.
If it is not possible to see at least the first two buildings and still get to the train station by 16:00, please tell me now.

Désolé je ne parle pas français
J'ai voulu voir les places suivantes avant d'aller à  la station de train (Gare Lyon Part-Dieu) où je dois prendre un
train partant à  16:21.
111 Avenue du Maréchal De Saxe. Je veux seulement voir la maison et prendre une photo. Ma mère est née lÃ
20 rue Wadeck-Rousseau. Là  où mon grand-père a habité.
15 Quai Jean Moulin - mais seulement si nous avons le temps
Dites moi S' il vous plait S' il n'est par possible de voir au moins les deux premiers bâtiments et d'arriver toujours à  
la station de train par 16:00. Mercis