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Here is a little description of the wedding. More details will be in
the Christmas letter...

It was a lovely winter wedding. We drove the 300 miles through the
snowy wilderness to Nenana on Friday in a rented van with 10 people.
About 40 people from Anchorage and other places descended upon Nenana
and stayed either at the Corner Bar and Motel or threw a sleeping bag
on the floor of the Civic Center. Dick, Evelyn (D's mother), and I
stayed in Patty's parents spacious house.

At dusk on Saturday, people tramped through the softly falling snow
to the charming little log church near the banks of the mighty Tanana
River. The altar was covered by white moosehide decorated with lovely
Native beadwork. Three circular chandeliers were lit with candles.
Gentle Celtic harp music played as people gathered in the harmonious
and peaceful atmosphere. David came out followed by Gary and Mary,
the minister (Dick's cousin). Then the soft strains of a Brahms trio
began. Patty's sister Janice (8 months pregnant) slowly walked to the
altar in a long burgundy-colored dress. A radiant Patty came down the
aisle in a simple but elegant white wedding dress complete with train
and veil, on the arms of Woody, her father. She also wore Nellie's
pearl necklace which we gave her as a present. The ceremony was very
touching and sweet. David and Patty had written their own vows to
each other. Mary read a funny poem David wrote about how they met in
Juneau four years ago. Everyone was very relaxed and happy. As soon
as the ceremony was over, the raucous music of Marvin Gaye singing
"How Sweet It Is" filled the church and they danced back down the
aisle to much applause and joyous noise!

We all left the church and drove a few miles down the highway to
Patty's aunt's roadhouse, the Tamarack Inn. It is a typical Alaskan
place: beautiful log walls and high roof with log beams, a fireplace
in the middle of the room, and of course the bar. An incredibly
elegant buffet dinner was beautifully arranged. Tons of food: crab,
shrimp, salads, breads, desserts. A friend of Gary's who is a DJ
played the music. Another very close friend who came from Colorado
played the accordion and we polka danced. Did the Macarena twice and
the Chicken Dance twice. It was just an amazingly lot of fun!

On Sunday Dick and I provided breakfast (at Patty's parents house)
for all the "out-of-towners" including many of Patty's relatives
(about 70 people in all). Bagels, muffins, and fruit. Then caravans
of cars slowly made their way back to Anchorage in a heavy snowstorm.
We found 2 feet of snow at our house! On Monday both David and Patty
had to go back to work...

By the way, Patty is keeping her maiden name. She is Patty Trott, not
Patty Snyder (She is the last Trott. Her real father died when she
was 9. Woody is her stepfather.)

We are simply thrilled and delighted with our new daughter!!

Love, Liska
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