The web version includes all documents, paintings and photos but excludes listing of the silver, jewelry, china etc.

Prepared by Christopher Friedrichs Updated August 1996
Updated by Martin Feb 2002

The following inventory lists some of the most important items owned by Kurt and Nellie Friedrichs or by Nellie’s mother Ella Bruell (Didi) which were
either given to or inherited by Walter, Liska, David, Christopher and Martin. The main purpose of this list is to provide some record of which of the five siblings
received which items. Some of these items were personally given by Didi, Kurt or Nellie during their lifetimes; these items are marked with an asterisk (*). The
remainder were distributed among the five siblings in February 1995, a few months after Nellie's death. This distribution generally followed the suggestions and
guidelines laid down by Nellie in her letter of January 1987.

It is agreed by all of us that every reasonable effort should be made to keep these items in the family. While normally we would expect to pass the items we have
down to our own children or grandchildren, in some cases it may seem more appropriate to pass them on to nieces or nephews.

Corrections and additions would be welcomed.


Paintings and drawings by Ulfert Wilke:

*Nellie's room in Braunschweig - LISKA
London river scene - WALTER
Portrait of Auguste Herxheimer - WALTER
*New York scene - WALTER
*New York elevated - MARTIN
*Greenish landscape - DAVID
*Large abstract cityscape - DAVID
*Bruges canal scene -LISKA
*Fishing nets - MARTIN
View from KOF’s office at the Technische Hochschule - CHRISTOPHER
Paris street corner - CHRISTOPHER
Portrait of Nellie - MARTIN (as a gift from Liska)
*Portrait of KOF - DAVID (on permanent loan to Courant Institute)
Abstract with Japanese motif - DAVID
Small abstract, white designs on black - CHRISTOPHER
Picture of KOF at his desk - MARTIN
Large abstract, white design on black - sold

Works of art by Dora Herxheimer/Heidrich:

*Didi’s bust sculpted by Dora - LISKA
*Crayon sketch of Didi playing the piano - CHRISTOPHER
*Relief portrait of Auguste Herxheimer, mounted on wood - CHRISTOPHER
*Painting of chair and window -LISKA
*Bronze bowl with horses -MARTIN
Hand-drawn book Nell and Her Chums (circa 1910) - WALTER
Clay relief of Auguste Rodin given by Traute to MARTIN

Other works of art:

*Portrait of Didi painted in 1892 (restored in 1994) - LISKA
Portrait of Rabbi Salomon Herxheimer - DAVID
Bust of Nellie sculpted by Vera Gehlhof in 1937, Braunschweig - LISKA
Drawing of Benny Bruell by Stephan Hirsch - DAVID
Small ivory-framed portrait of an old-fashioned woman (l9thc.) - LISKA

See paper version of this list for these four catagories


K.O. Friedrichs: National Medal of Science, 1977 - MARTIN (Certificate of same - LISKA)
National Academy of Sciences Centennial Medal - WALTER
Nellie Friedrichs: Braunschweig Medal, given in 1989 - CHRISTOPHER


Most photo albums and loose photographs – DAVID
Including the following albums
AlbertJaffe family Album of 1910
Auguste Jaffe Album 1855  1930's
Von Baudissin line 1579- current
Album David created with original ancestor photos
Numerous albums of our family from the 1940’s and 50’s
Some original drawing of ancestors (C Hieberg, N Schwarzenfeld)-DAVID

Large framed Photo of Salomon Herxheimer - MARTIN
Some duplicate original ancestor photos – MARTIN
Skiing Album Nellie and Kurt 1935 - MARTIN
Album of ancestors made with copies of original photos – MARTIN

Hella Hammid family photographs and negatives - (mostly) MARTIN
Album with selected Hella Hammid Photos 1951-73  EACH SIBLING

One box with old framed Heiberg/Friedrichs photos (see below)


K.O. Friedrichs: Mathematical publications & professional papers - MARTIN
Letters of Kurt and Nellie Friedrichs to each other - MARTIN
Diaries of Nellie Friedrichs, 1925-1994 (about 100 volumes) – CHRISTOPHER
Summer Diary of Ella Bruell 1893  LISKA
Letters received by Nellie Friedrichs, 1920s-1980s (about 8 boxes) -A few were taken by MARTIN; the remainder taken by WALTER with the understanding
that they may eventually be discarded
Letters to Nellie from Beverly Sills & Lady Bird Johnson - CHRISTOPHER
Letters from Ella Bruell to Nellie, c. 1917 to 1970s - WALTER (N.B. Letters from 1917 to 1940 are of especial importance)
Miscellaneous papers of Nellie H. Friedrichs:
Some school and university notebooks - CHRISTOPHER
Papers pertaining to Theodor Geiger - Some were given to Prof. Siegfried Bachmann of Braunschweig; remaining items - DAVID
A packet of letters to Nellie marked Important, including last letter from grandmother Auguste H. - MARTIN
A box with congratulations upon confirmation, Abitur, etc. - MARTIN
Autograph albums - MARTIN(?)
Early drafts of the Erinnerungen (memoirs) and correspondence and clippings concerning the memoirs - CHRISTOPHER
Copies of travel reports and other writings - CHRISTOPHER Nellie's 70th birthday album - LISKA
Folder concerning restitution matters re Kurt, Nellie, Didi - WALTER
Folder concerning immigration matters re Kurt, Nellie, Didi - MARTIN and LISKA
Letters from Karl & Elisabeth Friedrichs to Kurt & Nellie - CHRISTOPHER

Miscellaneous papers of Ella Bruell:
Box of papers concerning inheritance problems, also including birth and marriage certificate of Auguste Herxheimer, naturalization papers of Gotthold
Herxheimer, etc. - LISKA
Envelope with family letters from the 1890s - MARTIN

Letter from Adolf Hitler relieving KOF of his university position-DAVID

*Warburg Family Tree, published c. 1935 - DAVID

*Herxheimer Bible (translation of and commentary on the Torah by Rabbi Salomon Herxheimer) - CHRISTOPHER

Last Will and Testament of Adolf Heinrich Friedrichs, 1811 - MARTIN

Bible presented to Lorenz and Wilhelmine Luhde by the Queen of Prussia, 1861 - given as wedding present to DAVID AND PATTY SNYDER (1996)

*Papers pertaining to Carl Friedrich Heiberg and his family - CHRISTOPHER
- Letters certifying Heiberg's attendance at university, 1818-21 including one signed by G.W.F. Hegel
- Some romantic verses c. 1780-1830
- Financial records of the widow of L.F. Schroder, 1816-29
- Letters to Nanette von Schwarzenfeld (Heiberg's birth mother)
- Letters of Henriette von Baudissin/Peters to Heiberg
- Letters by Carl Heiberg (jr.) from Hong Kong, c. 1858-61

Miscellaneous papers pertaining to Rabbi Salomon Herxheimer (including some letters to his children and other relatives) - CHRISTOPHER

Album with certificate honoring Rabbi Herxheimer (1877) - CHRISTOPHER

*Henriette Hoppe autograph album (early 19th c.)  CHRISTOPHER

Friedrichs Family Papers still at 24 Lester Place as of 2002

On Living Room bookshelf

Autograph album maintained by Anna Friedrichs (Poesie)
Guest book (probably of Nanny Friedrichs's boarding house), 1897-1918
Handwritten novel by Carl von Baudissin
Original Books by Ancestors or Relatives purchased or received by Martin
including Salomon Herxheimer and Karl Friedrichs

On third Floor -

Box marked Fragile

Album of mementos collected by Anna Friedrichs, 1880s to 1907
Letter by Elisabeth Heisenberg
Letters regarding sale of the house in Ilmenau
Copies of KOF Ancestor History
Envelope of early Friedrichs family photos
Family letters from 1890s onward (Nanny, Anna, Elisabeth F., etc.)
Entel family photocopies
Letters between Karl&ElisabethF. and KOF&NHF, 1937-40 (file: Eltern)
File regarding death of Karl Friedrichs, 1941
Letters from Karl-Wolfgang and Asta Friedrichs, 1939-41
Information regarding Graf W. von Baudissin (d. 18778)
Folder of misc. family documents

Friedrichs Family History Files - Box 1

Notes and charts for the family tree and Ancestor History by KOF
Index cards for the Friedrichs family tree
Remarks at the commemoration of Asta Friedrichs
Letters, documents and photocopies regarding the - Baudissin family
- Heiberg family
- Schröder family

Friedrichs Family History Files - Box 2

Misc. family papers written or copied by Anna Friedrichs, including biographical descriptions of Carl, Karl and Elisabeth Friedrichs
Letters between KOF and Karl Wolfgang Friedrichs, 1939-40
Many letters with information collected for making ancestry charts
Papers and letters pertaining to the Arndt family
Rosenthal family
Baenisch family
Bruell/Herxheimer families Misc. letters to KOF from NHF, from his mother (Elisabeth F.), etc.

Black metal box

KOF/NHF passports
KOF/NHF: Papers concerning immigration matters, baptism of children, etc.
KOF files regarding: education, immgration, NYU appointment, Göttingen
KOF file regarding status as Beamte at Technische Hochschule Braunschweig
Turtle Trickle deed

Box marked “Family books and Relics

Adelbert Baudissin, Der Ansiedler im Missouri-Staate (1854)
Album started by Nanny Heiberg, then maintained by Anna F. as a Chronik
J. Thomsen, Wahre Treu Was Schwer Errungen: Geschichte des Schleswiger Gesangvereins von 1838 (1954)
Hymnbook of 1832 given by Ludwig Friedrichs to Wilhelmine (1835)
Porcelain medallion (1859)
Folders: Correspondence of KOF with Hermann Weyl
Correspondence re publication of KOF Selecta
Material re relationship of Friedrichs family to Queen Victoria
Genealogy of Einhorn/Bruell families
Family reports (trips, etc.)
Genealogy of Zinzendorf family

Old steamer trunk in small attic

Papers of Asta Friedrichs It includes a diary with entries from the 1920s (Germany) and the 1930s (Bulgaria).

Professional papers of K.O. Friedrichs. And awards and honorary degrees

Old steamer trunk in large attic

Papers of Nellie Friedrichs and Ella Bruell
Letters of NHF to KOF

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