The Story of my Ancestors

By Kurt O. Friedrichs                Written in 1980

This story of my ancestors is written for my children; if it is read by others, I hope they will
bear this in mind.

There are various motives that led me to be curios about my ancestry. I wanted to know
where I came from. I was fascinated by the ups and downs of the fate of my ancestors, and
finding out about them was also just a hobby.

The information on which the story is based comes mainly from written records, primarily
from church records, but also from what my mother told me. To a minor degree other
relatives gave me some information. Actually, I have only very few close relatives. My father
had one unmarried sister and an unmarried brother who died early. My father’s father had no
brothers, but three unmarried sisters. I knew only one of them; the other’ two had died
earlier. But my father’s mother had two brothers with descendants. Neither my mother, nor
my mother’s mother had brothers or sisters. My mother’s father had only one brother with
two grandsons.  One of these grandsons is an ardent investigator of family history. From him
I received very interesting information about some of my very early ancestry.

In fact, my story concerns to a large degree not only parents, grandparents, and great
grandparents, but earlier ancestors as well.

A few technical remarks must be made. To each of my ancestors a number is assigned. It is
called his or her ancestor number. This number appears in brackets, (  ), behind the name of
the ancestor. The meaning of these numbers is explained in the introductory part of Appendix
A L 1. (Not included-but it is basically a numbering scheme for tracking ancestors where
KOF is 1, his father 2, his mother 3, and anyone’s father is double their number, and anyone’
s mother is double their number plus 1- MNF)  This appendix contains a list of all known
(Modified version is attached as Appendix L A- MNF)

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1 The Area of Origin       (Click here for first chapter)