Introduction to this “Print” edition of Kurt O. Friedrichs’ “The Story of My Ancestors”

Martin Friedrichs created this edition of “The Story of My Ancestors” by Kurt O. Friedrichs in 2001
using OCR (optical character reading) and then editing the output. Therefore, some OCR created
errors may have been missed or mistakes made in correcting the OCR output. This is especially the
case with names. Please let me know if you find any significant errors.  I have, however, inserted the
hundreds of KOF’s handwritten corrections and additions so this text is, on one level, much cleaner
then the final original copy from 1980.  Asterisked comments are inserted immediately after the
asterisk as page formats vary. Where I have added my own comments these are in brackets followed
by my initials MNF.

The various charts and maps that were part of the original copy can be attached
Referred to appendixes are added at the end.
The ancestor list Appendix L. A. is still in hand written form.

This edition is presented in the same 12 chapters and 4 appendixes as originally written.

As the original objective of writing this was for future generation to understand their roots Dad
would, I am sure, have appreciated that it was now in a more accessible and modern format for all to
read.  This version was made not only for the family but also as a remembrance of Dad.

Martin Friedrichs April 2001
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