Whitefield Reunion
August 2004
Click here for a link to a larger group photo

Starting with a roaring trip down
the Dryway River with 11 set of
class 4 rapids (rare photo with both
Joe and Rachel in the raft)

Then on to the the Spalding Inn, to
meet up and relax ...
A visit and walk in the Old Flume ...
A return to Holiday Acres for the 5

And then the hike up to Greenleaf Hut and
for some on to Mount Lafayette ...
.. followed by the endless (8 hour)
but beautiful hike along the Franconia
Ridge ...

Next day was a relaxing canoe trip on
the Saco River from New Hampshire
to Maine ...

And that evening a dinner on the
North Conway Train...
a chance to enjoy nature, and a
sunning frog, right outside the door
of our lodge...

Before our final days hike up to
Lonesome Lake ....
For our final evening - Comedy
Night at the Lonesome Lake Hut
(won by Martin Jr.)  ....

But most of all the reunion provided
lots of
"Cousin Time"

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