Clementine Rose Fiorentino
Born July 17th 2006 at 10:45 p.m. in NYC
7 lbs 9 oz,  19 inches.
Grey eyes and lots of black hair
Very, very cute and calm
photos from 1st 24 hours
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October 06 Photos                Week 4 photos
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Photos from the first week    Pre birth Photos
I just experienced the most amazing miracle, the miracle of life
and birth.  I have just returned home from helping Ellen deliver
her beautiful baby girl, Clementine.  Ellen of course did most of
the work, but I was actually there right beside her, flanked by
Nurse Wanda on the left, Joe at the healm and Dr. Shih in baby
catching position.  I got to see that little precious head emerge in
what seemed like a seamlessly orchestrated drama.  It was an
absolutely perfect delivery.  And wow, I was so lucky to be
there.  Ellen was amazing and inspiring and little Clementine is a
divine bundle of sweetness.
Natasha email written 7/18/06 1:45 a.m.